Celebrating Lesley Frank's research

"Today our colleague Dr. Lesley Frank, Dept. of Sociology, is being featured on SSHRC's digital platforms ((Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) in connection with her work addressing early childhood food insecurity. Her work is being featured in conjunction with World Children's Day, 21 November. Lesley's research is key to understanding the lived experiences of far too many families, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, who cannot provide adequate nutrition for their children. As she notes, “Infant food insecurity is inexcusable. The solutions lie in creating the economic and social conditions necessary for optimal infant feeding, such as ensuring families have access to adequate parental leave and other income supports.” This is a real problem in the communities in which we live, and Lesley is illuminating the challenges and offering real, concrete solutions through her work. Please join me in congratulating Lesley on the important recognition of her efforts." (David Duke, Dean of Arts)

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