Dr. Lesley Frank publishes book

Congratulations to Dr. Lesley Frank (Department of Sociology & WGST member) on the publication of her book, Out of Milk: Infant Food Insecurity in a Rich Nation (UBC Press, 2020).

Through compelling interviews, Dr. Frank answers the breastfeeding paradox: why women who can least afford to buy infant formula are less likely to breastfeed. She reveals that what and how infants are fed is linked to the social and economic status of those who feed them. Out of Milk uncovers the shocking reality of food insecurity for formula-fed babies, the economic and social constraints limiting mothers’ ability to breastfeed, and the lengths to which mothers must go to provide for their children. But in a country that leaves the problem of food insecurity to ineffective charity models, public policies are failing to support our most vulnerable populations.

You can learn more about Dr. Frank's research in her UBC Press blog post HERE.

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