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NEWS:  The CFUW Wolfville chapter is looking for volunteers to help out once a week with organizing books and donations for their annual booksale.  The CFUW Wolfville is a great supporter of female Acadia students, and uses the profits from their annual booksale to fund scholarships and bursaries for many students.  The entire CFUW organization has been supporting women in getting their further education for many, many years.

The book sale committee works every Saturday in a small house on Park Street (just above the Irving Gardens) to sort, classify and mark the books for the book sale that is held every spring. At least two volunteers are needed every weekend from now until the sale to work on this task.

In addition, donations for the sale come from all over the valley. Help is needed getting these donations from their donors to the house on Park Street.

If interested please contact Winnie Horton, this year's President of the Chapter, at gvimages@bellaliant.net


What is Women's and Gender Studies?

In 1973, Acadia University became one of the first universities in Canada to offer a course in Women's Studies. The course, entitled Women in the Modern World, was the cornerstone of a program which in three decades has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and research in gender-related issues. Faculty members from the Arts, Pure and Applied Sciences, Education, Kinesiology, and Theatre contribute to the program on a rotational basis.

Women's and Gender Studies emphasizes the importance of gender as a category of critical analysis in areas such as scholarly activity, education, social relationships, cultural expression, and politics. Students are encouraged to examine established theoretical frameworks, institutions, ideologies, history, identity, science, language and culture while exploring feminist alternatives.


WGST Vision Statement

In the WGST program, people commit to lifelong learning journeys, make their ways alone and with others, ask critical questions about gender, sexuality, race, class, and ability, and act for change through feminism, social action, and other pathways of resistance.


WGST Mission Statement

With sustained resources, the WGST program will foster a vibrant, dynamic campus community that critically engages with issues of gender, sexuality, race, class and ability, drawing from established and innovative teaching methods and scholarship, and will collaborate with the wider community in pursuit of just and equitable ways of being.