Emeritus Professors

Jeanette Auger

Department of Sociology
mailto: jauger@acadiau.ca

Research and teaching interests: Jeanette A. Auger is an adjunct professor and professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology at Acadia University. Prior to her early retirement from Acadia, Jeanette taught a variety of women and gender related courses, she presently teaches the on-line course Sociology 3803, Lesbian and Gay Studies. Jeanette has published articles and books dealing with Gender Issues, Ethnicity, Aging, Death and Dying, and End of Life Issues faced by lesbians and gay men. She is currently completing a co-authored manuscript for UBC Press dealing with Canadian Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Studies.


Peter McLeod

Department of Psychology
Horton Hall, # 319

Research and teaching interests: Peter McLeod's research includes examinations of risk factors for the development of depression and anxiety among university students. These mood disorders occur twice as often in women as in men and this difference emerges in early adolescence. There are many possible reasons for this gender difference in mood disorders.  Some, including differences in levels of stress, styles of coping and personality differences, have been explored in many of his and his students research work. He also teaches a second year Developmental psychology course (Psyc2153) in which sexual differentiation and the development of gender roles are discussed as well as other gender differences in normal courses of development.


Beert Verstraete

Department of History and Classics
BAC 409
Phone: 585-1256

Teaching and research interests: Beert Verstraete teaches in the department of History and Classics and contributes the following courses to the WGS programme: Classics 3123, Gender and Sexuality in the Greco-Roman World.His research interests are in the study of gender and sexuality in the social and cultural contexts of the ancient Greco-Roman world; the literary-critical study of classical Latin poetry; translation and editing of Latin literary texts from the Renaissance period; the study of what one might call the reception of ancient Greek and Roman culture in Western literature.  He has co-authored The age of Marriage in Ancient Rome and co-edited Same-Sex Desire and Love in Greco-Roman Antiquity and in the Classical Tradition of the West.