WGST Co-op Option


In order to be eligible for entry, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and between 24 and 75 credit hours completed. Visit the Co-operative Education website for more details.

Here is a sample of a few recent postings for Co-op placement:

Nova Scotia Association of Community Living
Shelter Nova Scotia
L’Arche Homefires
Open Door Women’s Care Centre
Elizabeth Fry Society
No Time For That Anti-Bullying Society
Students Nova Scotia
Women’s Centre of Calgary
Big Brothers Big Sisters
The Red Door

Testimonial by Erica Marrison, a recent graduate in English and WGST:

1. Co-op has taught me to trust my instincts – in my co-op positions, any time I decided to take initiative, help a co-worker, etc., my instinct proved correct. This contributed to me shooting for the grad schools I dreamed of being admitted to, as I believed I was capable. . . . throughout my degree and the co-op program, I was able to harness my own sense of capability, self-worth, and confidence. While there were many factors involved in getting me to this place, the co-op program played a big role. I am proud and grateful to say that my co-op coordinator was one of my encouragers, a woman who had my back and I felt I could trust. I have also found that trust in a group of professors at Acadia, and without them I would not be where I am today.

2. The co-op program has provided me with the opportunity to gain knowledge around the types of work I enjoy. For example, when I started in the program I assumed I would like working individually, but this has turned out not to be the case. My favorite position was working as Social Media and Events Coordinator, as well as Book Seller, at The Box of Delights on Wolfville’s Main Street. This position heavily involved me in the local community, which I loved. I had the chance to collaborate with local businesses, writers, and academics, as well as take initiative and employ my creativity. Had I not done co-op, I never would have known how much I loved this type of work, particularly in comparison to previous positions in which I worked alone at a desk for eight hours a day.

3. I would absolutely recommend co-op to Acadia students. First of all, it provides you with an opportunity to work with many supervisors, who can serve as mentors. Some of my mentors, both men and women, have given me tips on taking risks and initiative in the work place, speaking up for my rights, and suggesting ways to stand out among a sea of young graduates. These conversations and experiences have been invaluable to me, and have furthered my confidence in voicing my opinions within the academic space as well.