Student Achievements


Sawyer Carnegie (WGST/Sociology) was accepted in the History MA program at Saint Mary’s with substantial financial support.

Laura Fisher (Community Development, 2018 CFUW Award winner, and member of the WGST Planning Committee) was the recipient of a SSHRC Graduate Studies Award.

Kelsey MacGowan (History) was the winner of WGST’s annual CFUW Award ($2000). Her project, “Tully Untamed,” discussed the achievements of three women who graduated at Acadia University in 1916. Focusing on fashion, her project examined the tension between norms of femininity and scholarly achievement in the lives of Esther Clark Wright, Lillian Chase, and Bessie Lockhart.

Samantha MacKenzie (WGST) was nominated for the Alex Colville Award.

Erica Marrison (WGST/English) received the Medal in WGST.

Christine Moreau (Sociology) wrote an Honours thesis in queer studies (supervised by A. Quéma) and was accepted at Carleton University in the Sociology MA program.

Jennifer Munroe (WGST) was the recipient of an Honours Summer Research Award.

Samantha Teichman (WGST/Sociology) Official Communication Officer for the WGST program, WISE Liaison Officer, and member of the WGST Planning Committee was accepted at York in the Sociology MA program.